Residential Construction in Richmond, KY

No Bull Roofing Construction specializes in safe and professional custom residential construction in Richmond, KY. Our team of certified contractors will make sure your project is completed safely and efficiently. Whether you’re looking for a backyard casita or adding an additional room to your home, No Bull Roofing Construction will get the job done right.

Our Design Process

Building your new project is a process that can be fun, and exciting, but also stressful. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here’s a rundown of our process:

  1. We start with an interview with you to find out what you want for your new project. After the interview, we will draw a schematic design and make a design development for your home. These computer-generated drawings function as a clear representation of the project.
  2. Then we make blueprints where all the parties accept the design presented. After the blueprints are ready, every contractor’s budget will be given for your home and will be reviewed.
  3. We will then review the information with you so we can choose a builder.
  4. Once the builder is chosen, we assist you in contract negotiations and act as your liaison.
  5. Finally, we will make on-site visits during the course of the construction to ensure that the contractor is building the project exactly the way you want.

Trust our team with your project

Our dedicated and experienced team has over 30 years of industry experience and will guide you through all aspects of the construction process and will keep you informed and assured along the way. We’re confident that your project will exceed your expectations.

Whether you want to add an additional room to your home or add a patio to your home, No Bull Roofing Construction can help you get the job done!

We have worked on over 300 homes and have been Kentucky’s locally trusted contractor for over 5 years. 


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